The Spanish brand Tous was founded in 1920 as a small family business. Its creators have opened a small watch repair shop in Barcelona. Later they have established a small jewelry company and began to create unique, modern and fashionable products. Since that time the brand has become a true pioneer in the manufacture of pret-a-porter jewelry. In 1989, the owners opened the first store in the shopping center in Barcelona, and in 1996 in Japan.

Over time, Tous starts to produce fashion accessories and perfumes. The company expanded its range with collections of handbags. Today the company offers watches, bags, sunglasses and perfumes.

During the whole history, this fashion brand tended to use its own style - combination of aesthetics of modern times and classical traditions. The symbol of the brand is Teddy Bear, which represents the warmest emotions from childhood. Currently, the world-famous Spanish fashion brand sells its products on all 5 continents.

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