Persol is one of the most famous Italian brands. The main focus of the company is the production of stylish and spectacular sunglasses, as well as great eyeglasses frames for corrective lenses of the highest class. The history of the brand lasts almost a century. Its founder Giuseppe Ratti was a practical man and valued technical progress not only as the process of transformation, but also as a unique opportunity to create things superior in its functionality. The first thing, on which the company began to specialize in the beginning of the last century, was special sunglasses for pilots. They were supposed to be reliable and qualitative and to protect the eyes from the bright sun. By the way, this feature was realized in the name of the brand, because Persol is translated from Italian as “for the sun.” You can buy sunglasses, the history of creation and development of which lasts nearly a century, in our online store.

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