Original Penguin sunglasses and eyeglasses

The Original Penguin brand history is rather unusual: one of the sellers of Munsingwear company once observed a flock of penguins in a shop window. He bought a stuffed bird and named him Pete. Soon this stuffed penguin became the official logo of the famous Original Penguin golf shirts. Comfortable shirts of Original Penguin by Munsingwear have become an indispensable attribute of many golf celebrities.

In 2003, the Original Penguin brand got its second revival with the arrival of new management. Since then, the Original Penguin brand expanded its product range and started to produce clothes, shoes and sunglasses. The core value of the brand is an original style and superior quality. Original Penguin eyewear impeccable collections are designed both for men and women, perfectly matching the color, charm, elegance and style.

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