Oga Eyeglasses

Selfish look at the world through the sunglasses of the company Oga is the embodiment of the modern style, which is demanding and uncompromising. The brand name, which spontaneously arose in the portfolio of a Swedish giant Marius Morel, is translated as the “eye.” The designer of the most leading models is the Scandinavian designer Younis Blinking. Nordic character of eyeglasses frames is in tune with the austere Scandinavian architecture. These are purely male models for aesthetes who prefer clarity and sincerity in everything. Tough yet elegant design of eyeglasses frames is meticulously practical and concise. The last significant change made by the Master in the image of a cold rational esthete is temples made of valuable wood that slightly soften the overall steel tone. Choose and order sunglasses from Scandinavian designers from the online store Eyeweardock.com.

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