Lambretta Eyeglasses

The legendary Lambretta brand was founded in 1947 in Italy, when Ferdinando Innocenti decided to establish his own business. At that time Lambretta brand was producing motor scooters. The name of this legendary brand came from the town of Lambretta, where Innocenti opened his first factory.

In 1997, they have started the production of clothing and accessories under the brand of Lambretta. In 1999, they’ve launched the first watch collection. Now the company offers more than just scooters. Today the brand produces bicycles, helmets, trendy clothing and footwear for young people, sunglasses and even perfumes. Clothing, shoes and accessories from Lambretta are associated with independence and freedom.

Lambretta eyewear collections are so diverse that they perfectly combine minimalistic design of the 60s and the ultra-bright design of today. This is the perfect example of the true Italian name which combines history and style.

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