Kimiko Eyeglasses

By saying ‘Kimiko’ the Japanese mean that something is outstanding or unequaled. Felix Bystritsky opted for this word to name the company in 1999. And this definition obliged the president of the company to a certain way of designing eyewear. He managed to make every piece of Kimiko eyeglasses outstanding, sleek, unique and wearable. An artistic perception Felix Bystritsky has and 35-year experience he gained in eye care were very apropos for creating his first collection.

Before long, Kimiko moved forward and astonished with the brand new collections such as Eyewear Religion, KIMIKO Eyewear, AIKO, PHOTOFRAME and KERF Eyeworks. Each of them has its own unique feature. For example, Kimiko Aiko line makes it possible to change the frame front attachments of different bright colors and thus match an overall look. Kerf Eyeworks eyewear has the hinge system that is impossible to screw. This screw-less rim lock and assemble method is patented by Kimiko. All spectacles are lightweight and made of innovative materials such as hypoallergenic surgical steel and rubber-coated silicone.

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