Kata sunglasses and eyeglasses

‘Kata’ is a Japanese word meaning a shape or a form. The founder of Kata eyewear, Blake Kuwahara gets inspiration from nature and applies them in a new interpretation to eyeglasses production. Moreover, Kata brand cares for nature uses recyclable materials and advanced technologies. The designer shows the connection between a human being and the Planet. In the collections he creates the frames resemble leaves, stones and twig shapes. But before becoming world-known, Blake Kuwahara graduated from the University of California, Berkeley in 1986, got the profession of an optometrist and landed a job as a junior partner in the Manhattan Beach Vision Group. It was not his dream work that urged him to leave it. Kata eyewear brand gained a big success, won recognition and brought the name of Blake Kuwahra into repute. The eyeglasses created by this designer are always eye-catching and express his philosophy and aesthetics.

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