Karen Millen Eyeglasses

These were white shirts that laid the foundation stone of Karen Millen brand in 1981. Karen Millen and her ex-husband Kevin Stanford loaned 100 pounds, bought 100 meter of white fabrics, made white shirts and sold them to their friends. Two years later the first store opening was not long in coming. Before long, branches appeared in London, Tunbridge Wells, Brighton and Guildford. The brand stopped expanding in 2004 when it was sold. Karen Millen specializes in tailoring, special occasions wear and coats. Currently, there are 311 stores in 40 countries across the world. A chief creative officer, Gemma Metheringham manages 12 designers who create apparel accentuating femininity and sophistication. Stylish accessories by Karen Millen complete the look. Eyewear plays if not the first, but the important role in creating a gorgeous image. With this idea, Karen Millen introduces women’s prescription eyeglasses and sunglasses. Frames are designed to match face features of every woman. The best materials and smart color combination are the greatest designer solution.

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