French Connection

Stephen Marks got French Connection off the ground in 1972 to provide well-designed apparel for midmarket customers. One fax spurred the founder to use a new brash branding. The landmark message contained the phrase ‘FCHK to FCUK’ meaning French Connection Hong Kong to French Connection United Kingdom. The short name FCUK became recognizable. FCUK T-shirts with "fcuk fashion", "hot as fcuk", "too busy to fcuk", "fcuk safely" messages made a great sensation. French Connection personified casual wear and has a strong identity described as cheeky, bold, witty, stylish and affordable. Having gained success in clothing, Stephen Marks led the charge and enlarged FCUK scope by introducing toiletries for men and women, eyewear, shoes, watches and homewear.

French Connection prescription glasses were launched with the help of British opticians from Specsavers Company. Frames are of elegant design and made in simple colours. FCUK line of prescription glasses is associated with fun and has flirty elements. French Connection sunglasses are made of luxury materials and have innovative and stylish design.

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