Dita Sunglasses

In 1995 Dita was founded by John Juniper and Jeff Solorio in Los Angeles. The love for photography, design and filmmaking united two friends and inspired them to channel their passion towards creating eyewear. Dita brand is the remarkable juxtaposition of innovation and craftsmanship. The manufacturing process of eyeglasses takes place in some of the world’s oldest factories where the rich heritage was preserved. To build a complete picture how laborious the production process is at these factories some figures are helpful. Skilled craftsmen spend 8 months and perform 320 production steps to create one frame. Acetate frames are carefully polished in bamboo chips by hand. At the same time the new technologies are not rejected at all. Dita philosophy successfully unites the East and the West. And the result is always awesome. Luxurious, elegant and finely crafted Dita sunglasses or prescription glasses are perfect in style and quality.

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