Caviar Eyeglasses

Caviar eyewear brand dates back as far as the early 1980s. Later, in 1994, it was designed by the Ultra Palm Optical family, which produced beautiful eyewear for women. Now the brand produces the most luxurious and fashionable eye accessories in the world. The main line of the brand offers luxurious, rich and beautiful glass frames. Caviar is known worldwide as a manufacturer of frames with small crystals. Long before the crystals have become popular in the fashion world, Caviar has developed the first pair of frames with crystals. Nowadays, the collection of this brand has more than 90 types of frames, and more than half of them with Swarovski crystals. Caviar never mass produces any of its models. Each frame is something exotic and rare. The design process of each frame takes about two years, to provide durability and unique design. Caviar collections combine art, high fashion and luxurious lifestyle. The fabulous Caviar frames are designed for brave and unique people.

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