Bvlgari company got its name in honor of its founder - Sotirio Bulgari - the manufacturer of jewelry and other luxury items. In addition to jewelry, the company also produces watches, Bvlgari sunglasses, handbags, perfumes and various fashion accessories. For many years the Bulgari family was successfully engaged in development of jewelry business in different regions of Greece. Later Sotirio and his family moved to Italy, where he decides to open a jewelry store - first in Naples in 1881, and later in Rome in 1884. In 1894 he had opened the second shop on Via Condotti (it exists to this day) named Bulgari. After the death of Sotirio Bulgari in 1932, the founder's sons start to run the company. During the 50s, the brand changes its style and begins to produce watches. During the 70s, the brand is actively expanding. Bulgari stores appear in major cities around the world: in New York in 1970, in Geneva in 1974, in Monte Carlo in 1977, in Paris in 1979. Today, the brand has more than 250 stores worldwide.

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