Old French brand with its name and history appeared 150 years ago, and started with the production of jewelry. Boucheron offered its customers sophisticated and expensive products, that didn’t have a lot of equals at the time. Fans of jewelry house Boucheron were kings of Belgium and France, the Shah of Iran, and also the most influential and famous people of the time. In the twentieth century, having began to create collections of sunglasses, Boucheron brought to their production elitist, sophistication and elegance that featured jewelry of the brand. Today, the company offers its customers four collections of sunglasses - Ava, Frou Frou, Fusion and Plume de Paon. Each of them you can see in the catalog of the online store Eyeweardock.com and you can independently assess the level of skill of the designers and engineers of Boucheron. Range of the company is represented as of 2014.

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