Betsey Johnson sunglasses and eyeglasses

Betsey Johnson is a famous American fashion designer who is 73 years old keeps on delighting fashion lovers with her original and whimsical design. Betsey Johnson clothing, footwear, swimwear, fragrance and accessories are sold in more than 2000 stores all over the world.

Traceable in her design till now, the love for costumes came from childhood when Betsey Johnson spent plenty of time on learning dancing. In 1964 Johnson won Guest Editor Contest held by Mademoiselle Magazine. Next year she became a designer at Paraphernalia, a New York clothing boutique. It was time when Betsey Johnson created her style often described as whimsical, embellished and exuberant. She uses shower fabric, strange details, neon dyes and sexy silhouettes. In 1978 Betsey Johnson in partnership with ex-model Chantal Bacon launched her own line.

Betsey Johnson eyewear reflects the designer’s vision, her creativity and enthusiasm. The unique combination of prints, bright colors and texture makes them popular every season.

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