Bench Eyeglasses

Bench - British clothing brand - embodies the informal style of the city of Manchester. Since entering the market in 1989, the initial brand for skateboarders has transformed into a popular youth brand representing the style of the modern city - urban fashion. Within a few years of its existence, the brand has gained worldwide fame. Bench is a truly British brand, which is still located in the center of the British urban fashion culture. It is inextricably linked with the popular music performers and different musical directions. At the very beginning, the creators of the brand worked together with such iconic bands like Oasis and Happy Mondays. Today, Bench brand continues to be strongly associated with music stars and world-renowned artists. The designers of the brand get inspiration from images of real people and real events. Bright collections representing casual and sports styles, a wide range of clothing and Bench eyewear accessories for men and women, as well as the optimal combination of price and quality. All this makes Bench one of the most popular brands all over the world.

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