Ben Sherman

The first Ben Sherman shirts were produced in 1963 and since then have been on the top of sales. Ben Sherman is a man who designed this legend shirt. His real name is Arthur Benjamin Sugarman. He left his hometown Brighton, Great Britain for America where he met his wife from California and gained some experience in clothing manufacture. He became a citizen of United States and changed his name. The approach was simple. He took ‘Ben’ as his family members called him and ‘Sherman’ that sounded presentable and solid, in his opinion.

Arthur Sugarman came back to Brighton under the name of Ben Sherman and started his own business. He sewed the back hook, the button on the collar and distinctive combination of colours and garments. Each Ben Sherman shirt had its own box that was innovative at that time. For 50 years of Ben Sherman functioning there is no youth culture that did not love this shirt. This brand offers footwear, clothing for women and children and accessories including eyewear. Ben Sherman glasses with metal and mixed frames are made of high-quality materials. They ensure stylish look and perfect vision.

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