aviator sunglasses
Aviator sunglasses are one of the most fashionable models of sunglasses. Fashions come and go, but Aviators remain the most popular model all over the world for nearly a century. Today, this form of glasses is popular among all subcultures and representatives of various professions. In the beginning they were not available to the masses. This model was designed in 1936 for pilots by Bausch & Lomb and the Ray-Ban brand. Thanks to this model of sunglasses Ray-Ban became one of the world leaders in the development and production of sunglasses and accessories. In 1938 the Aviator became a well-known style of sunglasses worldwide.

Nowadays this revolutionary new product is a notable piece of clothing. Every year they produce new models of dark sunglasses of all kinds of shapes and colors. Some models are destined to become a true legend of style, popular with several generations, just like Aviator sunglasses. Such models are invariably associated with the world of male fashion and make you look more self-confident.

Stylish design of Aviator sunglasses is easily recognizable among ​​the leading suppliers of sun protection eyewear. Huge lenses in the form of drops, elegant thin metal frame – Aviators enjoy continued popularity for many years. Many celebrities play an important role in the popularity of this type of sunglasses – they became popular thanks to Hollywood movies. Tom Cruise, Sylvester Stallone and Val Kilmer are among the world famous actors who have become fans of Aviator sunglasses. In addition to the movie stars, many public figures, household names in show business and politics choose Aviators in everyday life, causing them to be more noticed and thus more popular.

Perfect classic style and quality attract the style hunters and those who need a glamorous accessory. Aviator models remain extremely popular among pilots of civil and military aviation and American policemen. Moreover, they often appear in either men’s or women’s fashion magazines. For nearly 80 years Aviators remain a sign of style and rational choice. Over the years, the number of fans of this model is increasing.

Aviator sunglasses are very attractive nowadays thanks to their universal shape, simple design, and almost 100% protection from the sun – here you are! Their widespread popularity is caused not only by the original design and beauty. Their lenses perfectly protect your eyes from flecks of sunlight. It is not surprising that Aviators (Ray-Ban, Carrera, Tom Ford, Puma sunglasses) are in great demand among all drivers, fishermen, tourists and travelers. And most importantly – these glasses are perfect for any face shape. Now Aviators are of course not just simple sunglasses, and an element of style that expresses the taste of their owner. Due to such a high popularity, this model is perhaps the most copied in the world.