The newest trends in eyewear are already available for our use. First of all, fashion sunglasses are notable for their originality and unusual shapes. In particular, models with triangular, oval or square frames are in vogue this season. At the same time, both women and men should choose sunglasses with extreme caution, always taking into account the type of their face. Those who have a narrow chin should buy oval or round sunglasses. Girls and women with round face can opt for glasses with square or rectangular frames.

Oversized sunglasses

Another fashion trend is more like classic or neomodern over-sized glasses with dark lenses. In addition, the so-called “cat’s eye” models are still relevant – they can fit almost any woman regardless of her face shape. Devotees of this fashion trend will discover many new things and surprises prepared by designers – pay attention to glamorous celebrity style Gucci or gorgeous oversized Gianfranco Ferre sunglasses.


In 2015, we also expect a spectacular comeback of famous Aviators. Although they differ in conservative and minimalist design, this is the fashion trend that will accentuate your bright personality. However, it is important to be sure that this accessory really suits you. Aviators are very practical and extremely convenient to use. The new Gucci, Paul Smith, Ungaro eyewear collections take inspiration from the famous Aviators . They look like “drops” that are connected on the nose.


Well, everything is clear with Aviators. And what about Wayfarers? Perhaps modern designers will allow you to discover these sunglasses in a new perspective. This season offers models with ombre effect from dark to lighter shades. This trend can be most clearly seen in the new collections of Roberto Cavalli and Valentino.


Goggles are still in vogue this season. Their frames can be both massive and lightweight. This year, they are presented in a simple, sleek design, with a thick frame in most cases.

Short sunglasses guide for women – choosing the right glasses

  • If you have an elongated shape of the face, choose large frames with low temples fixing.
  • Round, broad face shape needs narrow shape glasses with rectangular lenses. You can visually correct it with the help of a rectangular frame. Rounded or square frames only make things worse. Women with this shape should avoid metal frames and choose color plastic.
  • Women with square faces should try goggles or round glasses. Use rimless eyeglasses or choose soft lines of rounded shapes.
  • Women with a heart-shaped face need symmetrical oval or rounded frames. Choose the Aviator or Butterfly models.
  • If you have a small nasal bridge, buy glasses with nose pads.
  • When buying sunglasses pay attention to the upper part of the frame – it should be in line with your eyebrows or slightly lower.