Choosing the right eyeglass frame may be a very difficult task. It sometimes puts us to a dead end or results in complete disorder. Of course, a good optician can provide invaluable assistance in selecting the most suitable eyeglass frame for you. However, if you can’t find such specialist or do not accept his advice, remember the following general recommendations.

 How To Choose Eyeglass Frames For your Face Shape

Face shape, hair and skin color are important factors when choosing eyeglass frames. To really become a must-have accessory, they must be perfectly combined with the shape of your face. The main rule of choosing the right eyeglass frames: they should be proportional to the size of your head and draw attention away from the most prominent features of your face.

Eyeglass frames for oval face

An oval face shape is considered ideal. It is characterized by narrow and harmonious lines with high cheekbones. Such a face is more elongated in length than in width, while the forehead is slightly wider than the jaw. In this case the main task of the frame is to preserve harmony in the facial proportions.

You may choose almost any model of glasses, but butterfly, rectangular-shaped or cat eye frames will give a good showing to your cheekbones. Avoid too massive and broad frames. Otherwise, your facial features will look too small. The ideal width of the frame must be equal to or slightly wider than the broadest part of your face, and the top line of the frame must coincide with the line of the eyebrows.

Eyeglass frames for round face

Round face shape has soft lines with smooth curves, full cheeks and a rounded chin. The problem is to make your face look slimmer and emphasize your eyes.

What to choose? Your model is angular, rectangular or square, with broad temples. Modern Lightec frames will be just perfect. Do not use round glasses – they will further accentuate the fullness of your face. Pay attention to the colored eyeglass lenses, which will make you visually slimmer. Try frames with clear or colorless bar for the nose bridge, like Rodenstock eyeglass frames, which will make your eyes look bigger.

Eyeglass frames for square face

Square face shape is characterized by strong jaw, square chin and wide forehead. The length of the face is approximately equal to its width. The aim is to smooth the corners of the chin. Choose oval, round glasses or Aviators that will soften the jaw line. Cat eye frames will also smooth the corners. Square and rectangular glasses will lead to the opposite effect, so these frames should be avoided. Low bar on the nose bridge will also round and soften sharp facial contours. Choose frames of the same width as your face.

Eyeglass frames for triangular face

Typical triangular face has a wide forehead and a small rounded chin. Its shape resembles a heart. In this case you need to harmonize the top and the lower part of the face. Pay attention to the frames with a wider lower part, which visually enlarge small mouth and chin. Butterfly, cat eye and round frames will help to reduce and soften a wide forehead.