Sunglasses not only protect your eyes from bright light, but also help prevent unwelcome signs of aging. It is enough to have a few pairs of sunglasses and look like a real star at all times. Usually women prefer bright frames or classic models such as Aviators or John Lennon style eyeglasses. Round-shaped, oval, cat’s eye, butterfly, dotted with crystals and even rimless – we have decided to show you the most beautiful and stylish sunglasses for women from different collections of both luxury and budget brands. Perhaps some of them will inspire you to buy a new pair of sunglasses.

Lens color

Bright colors are always associated with fashionable accessories, so it is logical that the most popular trend is colored optics (colored lenses). Zara designers believe that sunglasses should be optimistic and bright, and Lacoste, on the contrary, prefers minimalistic design. If you starve for something unusual, choose Vera Wang sunglasses or Charlotte Ronson blue lenses.

Stylish frames

Trendy eyewear for women is characterized by frames with a bright color scheme and design. However, too much color can cause problems. As for slightly calmer eyewear designs, look at or pay attention to the latest Kate Spade white sunglasses.

Plus size

Big sunglasses for women would be a practical solution. Dark lenses effectively protect the eyes from the light and minimize the appearance of wrinkles. Don’t say that oversized sunglasses look monotonous: Roberto Cavalli, Moschino and Margiela worked fine to transform your eyewear into a powerful fashion statement.

60s and 70s

Retro style is back – latest gossip to shake up the fashion world. You will find something original – long-forgotten huge oversized sunglasses presented by Emilio Pucci, Gucci, Chanel, Valentino.

Oval sunglasses

Oval glasses are women’s best friends, especially if we are talking about faces with broad cheekbones and narrow chin. In addition to the shape, pay attention to Burberry rimless eyeglasses or Rochas women vintage sunglasses.

Three colors at once

This trend deserves high attention. Designers are mad about adding some color for a different look (Nina Ricci collections).

Square sunglasses

Square sunglasses are relatively new in the eyewear world. Prado wooden square-frame glasses are in trend this season.

Round sunglasses

We have remembered the square and oval glasses, and now let’s talk about the round ones. To be honest, designers have tried to make the eyewear trends even more spectacular. For example, Armani ultra-modern round sunglasses leave a nice blend of retro flavor.

Half frame sunglasses

Fashion eyeglass frames have become a field for experimentation. Thus, many designers use only half of the lens, leaving the second one rimless. By the way, such frame is perfect for round glasses (have a look at Miu Miu sunglasses collection for women).


Ombre is everywhere this season. Roberto Cavalli proposes this technique on the lenses and frame, and Miu Miu underlines the airiness of the upper half of the lens. Women’s fashion photos show that the gradient ends with a clear, transparent stripe.